I've dived deep into WordPress plugin development lately

Over the past five months, I have embarked on a journey of diving deep into WordPress plugin development, driven by my motivation to excel in WordPress development and address the shortcomings of existing plugins.

Website for a Finnish MTB media, kuralappa.fi

Participating into this project was cool for me as an enthusiastic mountain biker - We made the first proper digital "newspaper" in the Finnish MTB scene!

Website remake: Nemoy - Helsingin Neuroterapia Oy

Nemoy.fi was one of my first customers back in 2015. The previous full remake was done by myself back in 2016, built on WordPress and a custom made theme. I'm happy that I could help with this one too.

Recently published: pyorakauppa.fi webstore for Lahden Polkupyörähuolto

It had been a while since I've written a new
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