Recently published: webstore for Lahden Polkupyörähuolto

Recently published: webstore for Lahden Polkupyörähuolto

It had been a while since I've written a new WordPress & WooCommerce theme from scratch but it seems that it is basically like riding a bike.

I'm pretty happy how the end result turned out. These are the highlights of the new theme:

  • Super fast; Highly optimized styles and javascript with smart theme function tinkerings proved once again, that WordPress is not a compromise between speed and freedom.
  • Better than average search; Not quite Algolia, but miles ahead of standard WordPress search. I used this plugin by Itthinx which has a great value for the money. Instant search that can be manipulated with result weights is a good little tool for an active shop keeper.
  • Custom content management; F**k blocks, elementor, divi and all that crap. If your IT company can't make you a custom content management with ACF and CPT's - change it. With custom content management, the storekeeper can easily make new sections to the shop without worrying for brand image images and texts being all over the screen.

Performance results of Google Lighthouse

Mobile performance of home page of

Desktop performance of home page of

Now go order some bike parts! 👇

After that, get a quote for your own proper webshop 👉

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