Sampo Virmasalo

Sampo Virmasalo

Maximize website project profitability for developers without design skills

If your customer splits their website/web app/ecommerce budget between design and development, buy a design kit found from the internet and keep that part of the budget yourself.

How to install Shopware 6 using Dockware Essentials image

Shopware won't work with Dockware Essentials docker image. On this article, you can find out how and how to proceed with Essentials image.

Is Nuxt.js + Storyblok a Wordpress killer?

This article tells you how Nuxt.js + Storyblok can be a next best thing for you as a skilled web developer building professional websites.

I've dived deep into WordPress plugin development lately

Over the past five months, I have embarked on a journey of diving deep into WordPress plugin development, driven by my motivation to excel in WordPress development and address the shortcomings of existing plugins.

Discover Finnish Private Dog Parks with Koirametsä – A New Open-Source Project Built with Vue Nuxt Framework

Koirametsä is an open-source project built with the Vue Nuxt framework, providing a user-friendly experience for dog owners to search and locate private dog parks in Finland.

Track Add to Cart events in WooCommerce with this Google Tag Manager code snippet

This article provides a code snippet that sends an add to cart conversion event to Google Analytics when a customer clicks the add to cart button on a WooCommerce website. The code is easy to implement and helps track important e-commerce metrics to improve sales.

List of things to do immidately after publishing your website or ecommerce

7 steps to take after publishing your new website. No bs, no magic tricks, mostly very easy. TLDR; Index to google, handle privacy and promote.

Website for a Finnish MTB media,

Participating into this project was cool for me as an enthusiastic mountain biker - We made the first proper digital "newspaper" in the Finnish MTB scene!

Thoughts about Vero app: Can the "true social" thrive?

Can Vero app - the "True social" thrive in today's hectic battle of social medias? So far I've thought of two things that could block it from reaching big user numbers.

Website remake: Nemoy - Helsingin Neuroterapia Oy was one of my first customers back in 2015. The previous full remake was done by myself back in 2016, built on WordPress and a custom made theme. I'm happy that I could help with this one too.
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